At the Virginia Film Festival

I just returned from a great weekend in Charlottesville, VA where Wrestling for Jesus was programmed (and really any weekend in Charlottesville at this time of year is going to be great – film festival or not). The screening of WFJ was excellent with a great, attentive audience who asked thoughtful questions after the screening. I’m not sure if it’s like this with everyone’s film, but it seems like WFJ elicits a lot of questions (and comments) from people. These range from “where are they now” curiosities to existential ponderings about documentary as an art form. It keeps me on my toes and helps me understand how art is best when it keeps revealing itself over time.

You can read what some festival attendees thought about the film.

The Daily Progress (Charlottesville’s daily paper) covered the screening.

Ken Morefield is a very thoughtful critic.

John Armstrong is a mathematician and programmer. 

I love the variety that college towns pull in and the best part of festivals are the conversations that happen between films. I had coffee with the assistant director of the Parking Lot Movie (a fabulous film), wine with the former president of Regent University, and lunch with long time friends. These are the conversations that keep me coming back to festivals.

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