Vote for Wrestling for Jesus

Arclight Cinemas in Los Angeles is hosting their first Documentary Film Festival and instead of programmers choosing the films, the public gets to make selections based on a popularity contest votes for the trailer. Seriously though, it’s an intriguing idea. Get a group of filmmakers together and invariably they will raise concerns about how films are chosen for festivals. This way it’s completely transparent. It’s a worthwhile experiment that’s worth trying. Since Wrestling for Jesus has yet to play in Southern California I thought this might be a great opportunity to make that happen. So here’s my request(s)

Go to this facebook page and vote for Wrestling for Jesus

Go to this YouTube page and “like” the trailer for Wrestling for Jesus (IF YOU VOTE THROUGH YOUTUBE MAKE SURE YOU LOG IN OTHERWISE YOUR VOTE WON’T COUNT)

Both of these methods will register a vote for the film – so by all means, do both.

Then spread the word via facebook, twitter, email, word of mouth.

Thanks and hopefully we’ll see Wrestling for Jesus in LA.

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