Hear what others are saying about Wrestling For Jesus

Paste Magazine

“Will stick in your head long after you’ve seen the film.” / the Capital Times

“‘Wrestling for Jesus’ reels you in with the wrestling and then puts an unbreakable hold on your emotions.”

The State

Clarke also found a story waiting to be told. “Wrestling for Jesus: The Tale of T-Money,”…is more than just wrestling…The viewer gets an intimate sense of what the sport actually means to the participants

The Isthmus

“It’s miraculously juicy material…” “…and the scenes pay off in a delirious grand finale.”

The Onion AV Club

“Think of it as The Wrestler about the guys Mickey Rourke wrestled against in those gyms, but with more Jesus.”


“Director Nathan Clarke finds just the right balance showing us the true world of where grown men dress up in tights and literally wrestle for Jesus.”


Nathan Clarke appears on Live at Five to talk about Wrestling For Jesus

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