Wrestling For Jesus is a “Sure Thing” at the Wisconsin Film Festival

We had a great write up in the Madison weekly paper, the Isthmus, where Wrestling For Jesus was identified as one of 12 films “guaranteed to be worth your while”.

Here’s what they had to say about WFJ

They live in South Carolina, and their wrestling promotion is devoted to spreading the word of God’s love. When they’re not staging matches in masks and spandex, they’re praying and preaching and inviting the saved up to the ring for an altar call.

It’s miraculously juicy material, and I can imagine a documentary that commits the fatal mistake of condescending to these people. To his great credit, Madison-based director Nathan Clarke never does. After the sensational opening acts, Clarke focuses perhaps a little too much on the promotion’s organizer, whose problems are sad but ordinary. But I understand the choice, and the scenes pay off in a delirious grand finale.

Head to the Wisconsin Film Festival site to get tickets.

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