The “Wrestling for Jesus” Team Begins to Form

(This post is an update to the Wrestling For Jesus Kickstarter page. Make sure you head over there and check things out. Support the project.)

I’ve had some great conversations and meetings over the last couple of weeks.
TC Johnstone, a filmmaker from Austin, has agreed to help work on Wrestling for Jesus as a producer. TC and I (Nate) met over the last several days and talked (amongst other things) about the narrative arc of Wrestling for Jesus and how best to develop it.
TC is a very skilled story teller, so I am really excited to have him on board the project. His expertise will really help this not just be a documentary about some interesting guys in South Carolina, but rather a fully formed story. You can read more about TC at his website.

We are also in talks with an editor / colorist to help with finishing the look and with another Fourth Line Films collaborator, Gregory Tanacea, to handle the audio mix.

We’ve still got our eyes open for a composer to tackle the soundtrack.

Remember to spread the word. Let’s get this project made.

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